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Terms of Use/Service

This is a digital/electronic contract between Media Ink, a digital services venture based in Cochin, Kerala, India, which publishes The Indic Post, and You (The user who uses/avail the services offered by Indic Post).

The Terms of Use contract is all about the content and services offered to you through (herein after referred to as The Indic Post).

While accessing the website you are accountable to follow the Terms of Use guidelines. We will regularly update you about the changes in Terms of Use and post it on the website.


Currently we’re not charging any type of fee to avail the content published on the website of The Indic Post. At present you’re not required to register as a subscriber to access the website or read content on the website. In future, it may or may not change.

You must accept the terms and conditions of the website to access or use The Indic Post. If you’re not satisfied with the terms and conditions, you have the prerogative to not use the website.

The owners of The Indic Post have the exclusive right to modify, or discontinue the content services at any time. We may delete or supplement the data on the website according to the circumstances. We shall have no liability to keep the periodicity of the information.

Intellectual Property Rights (IPR)

You must accept that no part of the content-text, images, videos, illustrations, graphics or other materials- published by The Indic Post may be reproduced, distributed, or redistributed in any form without our consent.

Submission of Content

The Indic Post invites submissions related to certain topics from users/readers. By providing any content to The Indic Post, you are allowing us to use it in a flexible manner. We shall have the non-exclusive right and license to publish, reproduce, modify, promote, and translate it in whole or in part.

Before submitting content to us, you must ensure that you have the legal and moral rights to provide the content to The Indic Post and to allow us the right to publish it.

You need to accept that we shall have all the rights to refuse or delete the content. It is our sole discretion to publish or accept it.

Third Party Services and Advertisements

Services and products of third parties or our clients may be advertised through The Indic Post. The responsibility for the products by third parties available through this website belongs to them, and is governed by the policies of the corresponding third parties.

All issues related to the services offered by the third parties need to be settled with the respective parties. In these cases, The Indic Post is just a connecting link or platform between the third parties and you.


The information and services provided by The Indic Post are for general purposes only. It is purely provided on an AS IS basis. You should treat the advice, viewpoints, and perspectives on this site as the personal opinions of the respective experts.

The Indic Post and its owners are not liable for any kind of damages caused to you while using this platform.

Last edited on 03-28-2019.

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